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Art File Requirements

Vector Art (needed for logos and text)

Saved as an Illustrator (.ai) or an Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) file.

What does "vector" mean?

Vector means a graphic arts digital file generated with an outlined art format that is created in a computer design program such as Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator (.ai) or generic (.eps) files are the preferred way to send logos and text artwork in vector format so they can be reproduced on branded merchandise. We need vector files of your artwork or text so that we can produce a proof of your artwork, and then send your artwork to production. See the example illustration to the left. This shows the text outlined in a vector format.

How do I get vector art?

The first place to look would be your art department, or the original designer of your logo and graphics. If that's not an option perhaps ask a supplier who has worked with your logo artwork before, for other projects. Any of these people should have vector art files. Note: if needed, we can convert your artwork to vector format for an additional fee.

PDF files can hold vector art, too.

In most cases, designers save original art files as PDFs for the client to review; because clients often do not have access to a design program that will open or view .ai or .eps files. If a PDF file is available, then please send that to us. Our art department can open it in a design program to see if it contains vector art.

Photographs / Image Files

Save as a Photoshop (.psd), Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg), or a Tag Image File Format (.tiff) file. If you are sending a "photo" of your logo, the logo needs to lay flat and have no distortion. Note: ALL ARTWORK will need to be redrawn into a vector format if you are providing us with Photographs or image files. Additional fees apply for vector conversions.

  • All photograph files need to be high res of 300dpi (dots per inch).
  • Make sure the images are the best possible lighting.
  • If you take a digital photo of your logo or artwork make sure to have the image centered and that your camera is at an angle for a straight-on shot.

Upload Artwork Files

Please contact our Art Department if you have any questions, or need assistance with art files, logo files, file uploads, etc.

 Send vector files to our Art Department via email to this address: