Locker Rooms

Custom Merchandise Stores for Brands, Teams, Tournaments, and Events

We’ll take the work out of getting everyone outfitted. A Locker Room is a secure solution to provide a suite of custom products to a team or organization, the participants in a tournament, or convention, or participants in an upcoming event. They can be set up for a season or for a longer period of time. We build a customized, secure micro sites featuring your suite of custom products available for direct orders. Once set up, we can configure the URL address to incorporate your organizational name and provide a link that can easily be used to direct your fans, team members, or employees to easily choose the appropriate items they need with secure checkout features included.

Exclusive Branded Products

Our professional sales team will work with you to choose the perfect assortment of products and craft a working arrangement that meets your requirements. We are happy to work with longer term engagements, and exchange out products on either an annual or contractual basis.

Tailored Online Shopping Experience

Locker Rooms can range from simple to complex. Short-term to long-term. Simple design to intricate design. All based on the marketing and sales objectives for you and your Brand. You can embed the page link into your club site and team members can order direct. Pages are created specifically for your organization with your logo, products, descriptions and images and linked to our e-commerce site on a non-public page. We’ll feature your logo and team contact information to ensure smooth communications between you and your team.

Locker Room Setup Options

1. Integrated: shoppers land on their Locker Room, but can switch between their Locker Room(s) and the Success Promotions store. Each Locker Room requires a unique URL.

2. Private: shoppers land on their Locker Room and see / shop in only their Locker Room(s). Each Locker Room requires a unique URL.

3. Off-site: shoppers land on their Locker Room, and are not connected to any other store, or instance. Separate database, admin, catalog, and payment system when policies or security requirements specify this type of service. Requires setup of payment system for this instance. Requires system installation, setup, configuration, and launch. Each Locker Room requires a unique URL.