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Proud to be a preferred supplier to Major League Baseball.

And, we enthusiastically support every other league and association, too! We’re passionate about sports, long-term relationships, doing an outstanding job, and supporting programs and initiatives that increase your organizational value. Our sweet spot? Turnkey production of game day giveaways, custom designed logo merchandise and high-profile promotional items for your national brand.


Game day promotional giveaways and championship rings.

Purple Rain Night

We’re focused on making sure your fans get unique promotional products that make a lasting impact. In honor of music legend Prince, we manufactured “Purple Rain” umbrellas, and three thousand fans walked away with a memento of a local legend. It was more than just a game day giveaway—it was something that Minneapolis natives connected with on a deeper level. We love creating one-of-a-kind products that resonate with your fanbase.

Season ticket holder gifts

Appliqué Jersey

We’re set on constantly raising the bar. That’s why for one of our recent giveaway items, we decided to go above and beyond to provide fans with a replica jersey that was as close to the real thing as possible by using appliqué. Typically, the details of giveaway jerseys are screen printed, but because we’re committed to constant innovation, we recently provided the Orioles with a giveaway item that was of a higher caliber than anything any promotional company had previously produced. Your fans should feel good about walking away from the stadium with something they can’t get anywhere else, and you should feel good knowing you were able to make that happen.

Theme Nights

Theme Nights

On August 21st, 1966, The Beatles stepped onto the field at Busch Stadium to play their first and only concert in St. Louis. Fifty years later, Success Promotions helped the Cardinals recreate Beatlemania with a one-of-a-kind Beatles themed Cardinals t-shirt at their Beatles Tribute Night. As the only promotional items manufacturer with rights to the Beatles brand, we’ve also created a Beatles hat for the White Sox. Theme nights allow fans to celebrate both their favorite team and their favorite things simultaneously—whether that be their favorite band, movie, or a specific cause or interest group. Your fans will walk away from theme nights with a unique product that will hold a special place in their heart.


Unique Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads really aren’t just bobbleheads anymore. We’re proud to be creative leaders in producing some of the most unique and bizarre bobbles on the market— so bizarre, in fact, that many of them are featured in the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. We’ve created bobbles that deconstruct, like our Star Wars themed bobble. Some of our bobbles have real hair. And some of our bobbles are just plain weird, like the one featured in the photo. It doesn’t matter what figure or character you want bobbled, we can create it and we’ll do it in a way that is unique from other vendors.