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Daytona Tortugas Win The Golden Bobble!

Success Promotions signs 3 year contract with the USSSA Organization

Working together with Alex Everett of Success Promotions to produce this year's winning promotion.

St. Louis, Mo—10/4/17: Congratulations are in order for one of our very own! Each year, Minor League Baseball celebrates each teams' best promotions, and the top honor is The Golden Bobble.

The Daytona Tortugas worked worked with Success Promotions' Alex Everett to produce this year's winner, a Bob Ross bobblehead. "All the teams vote on the best promotion," explained Everett. "It was really cool to be involved with an award-winning piece."

Great job, Alex!

Looking for a Golden Bobble of your own? From big leagues to any league in between, Success Promotions is your go-to source for no-worry custom branded merchandise. Check out our custom bobbleheads right here on our website - you can request a quote online, or give us a call at (314) 878-1999.

Success Promotions Signs 3-Year Contract With USSSA

Success Promotions signs 3 year contract with the USSSA Organization

With a multi-year agreement established, Success Promotions will provide tournament rings to the USSSA organization.

St. Louis, Mo—9/7/17: Success Promotions has signed a three-year contract to provide youth sports championship rings for USSSA. The deal comes after working with the organization throughout the end of 2015 and 2016.

We spoke with Sales Executive Aaron Platts to see how he successfully signed the deal with USSSA. Platts told how the USSSA President and CEO, Don DeDonatis, decided to give Success Promotions a chance after Platts sent him a sample of the Success Promotions 1999 New York Yankees championship replica ring. Unbeknownst to Platts, President DeDonatis was a huge Yankees fan. A week later, Platts attended the USSSA National Convention to sign a contract to create a series of rings for the organization. One year later, Success Promotions and USSSA formalized a three year extension of that contract for the 2017-2019 seasons.

“There are three reasons USSSA decided to go with our product,” said Platts. “First, because of our customer service. They know they’re not calling up a huge corporation—they’re working with me. Second, because of the high quality of our products. And third—we’re very competitive with pricing.”

With the enhancement of their working relationship with USSSA, Success Promotions is on pace to nearly double their business from last year. Chad Everett, Vice President of Sales and Operations is confident that this success will lead to additional opportunities in the youth sports industry in the future.

“Aaron has done a terrific job of listening to them.” Continuing, Everett observed, “We’ve launched a private online shopping site just for USSSA directors and customers. This gives these busy, on-the-go directors the ability to order our merchandise from wherever they are, 24/7. We believe offering this easy-access option will enhance the growth we have already seen.”