Culture & Diversity

Energetic, Collaborative and Creative!

It takes a committed, energetic team to crank out hits year after year - and that is the story of Success Promotions! Drawing on the talents of our entire team, we collaborate to create an outstanding customer experience. In a recent survey, our customers told us the main reasons they choose to work with us:

  • Quality Relationships
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Sales Professionals
  • Custom Product Design
  • Dedicated Customer Service Department

Minority Owned

We are an MBE-Certified, woman-owned, minority business, and President Diana Everett is active in the St. Louis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Success Promotions is an MBE Certified Vendor

Family Operated

President and founder, Diana Everett arrived in the U.S. from Colombia, South America when she was a teenager. She and her husband, Chad, met while attending the University of Missouri. Married soon after graduation, Chad and Diana are the proud parents of 5 children, 4 of whom are working at the company. In the same manner that they have successfully grown their family, Diana and Chad have successfully grown their business over the years. Notable accomplishments include being selected as one of four preferred suppliers to Major League Baseball, and then expanding beyond the MLB market to serve other professional sports teams and verticals. Diana recently commented, "We are a family-owned firm that focuses on hard work, adding value for our customers, establishing meaningful relationships, and operating in a fun, positive environment!"

The entire team at Success Promotions is passionate about sourcing the best vendors, designing and manufacturing the best merchandise, and delivering outstanding results to customers. The company is a positive, upbeat group, with each member contributing special skills and plenty of hard work to support a dynamic, friendly, relationship-driven business that sets the bar for excellence in the industry.